Imploding SPAC (iSPAC)

The iSPAC is our full service offering that allows clients to save money while quickly and efficiently disposing of unneeded legal entities. It’s simple, GES establishes a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) to acquire the stock of your excess legal entities and then we shut them down ourselves. Once ownership of the stock is acquired by the iSPAC our clients are no longer responsible for any of the costs to maintain and ultimately dispose of the legal entities.

99% of businesses are not well suited for the task of winding down companies and are unable to complete the process in a timely and efficient manner. Contact us today to learn more about how we do it better, cheaper and faster so that you save money!

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Detailed Overview
Simplifying Your M&A Transaction

Trustee Services

Clients that do not require the robustness of the iSPAC may be better suited for our Trustee services. As Trustee, GES will act under power of attorney to shut down your unneeded entities.

Trustee to Transfer Services

GES also provides Trustee to Transfer Services for clients with legal entities that have contingent or unresolved liabilities that are preventing them from being an immediate candidate for the iSPAC. Clients can engage GES to act as Trustee to maintain the entities in good standing until the underlying risk profile is sufficient to implement the iSPAC and transfer ownership to GES.